Close encounters

At Masinagudi you're certain to have close encounters with birds and beasts. The best way to experience it is to set off on a trek with a guide. Across the hills, to a waterfall, or by the side of a gently flowing stream, it is sure to be an unusual and rich experience, with remarkable discoveries along the way. A jeep safari too, can be organized for a first hand jungle orientation!

The Hidden Place is a great place to relax, get stuck in a good book and let nature entertain you. Serene and simple, you can just about forget the rest of the world.

February - May
Cool and sunny. Pack some cottons for the day. You might require a light jacket for the evening.
June - September
Cool and drizzly. Carry an extra jacket for the evenings.
September - January
Cool during the day. The evenings tend to be a bit nippy.
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